Materials & Maintenance

OX Leather

ox leather vertical banner       The introduction of OX Leather Accessories started with the need to minimize leather spills to almost 100%.

       OX Leather is the backbone in many of our products, being mainly produced from Spanish cattle.

       All our leather is 100% vegetable tanned and the surface of the leather is not modified. 

      Our leather is made with a thickness of at least 3 mm. 

      Colors will vary from production batch to production batch since hides will react in different ways to the coloring process depending on, e.g., time of year, geographical origin of hides and cattle age. 


The right care for OX Leather

If you want your leather to remain soft and have a longer life and fewer blemishes, we recommend ongoing care taking with leather grease.

       Leather grease contains beeswax and impregnating plant juices which makes the leather water and stain repellent. Suitable for all OX Leather. Is complete solvents and silicone free. Maintenance with Leather Grease at least twice a year is recommended.

       Bright untreated leather that do not receive fat is particularly susceptible to sweat stains, spills and dirt. It is either very difficult or impossible to remove stains. Some prefer the leather to appear untreated and with stains and dried out, as it is considered as more genuine. If you sympathize with this, follow general advice on minimal care and only use of foam from soap flakes.



Solid Brass

        All our solid brass accessories are made in Denmark.
If you want the brass to remain shiny, you can polish the brass and it will be as good as new. 

      When you are caring for solid brass, it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind. You should avoid using steel wool or other highly harsh scrubbers on brass.

       Gentle application of a cloth or toothbrush should be sufficient to remove dirt and tarnish. Mineral oil works to keep brass shinier longer by slowing down the oxidation process.

      Oxidation leads to the telltale tarnish that indicates the need for cleaning. 



The right care for Solid Brass

  • Follow below steps when polishing the brass:

1. Carefully clean your brass product with a clean microfiber cloth and warm soap water to remove any dust or dirt. You can use a toothbrush to help clean dirt out of crevices and engravings - It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves.

2. Gently clean the brass with a cloth to brush off any excess cleaner.

3. Buff the brass to a shiny finish. To avoid tarnishing the product, do not handle it with your bare hands until it’s completely dry.


  • You can also use homemade products when cleaning your brass product:

You can apply a light layer of tomato paste or even ketchup on your brass product. Then wait about an hour and wash off the tomato product with hot water and soap to reveal shiny clean brass.