Quadruple Candle
single candle holders in solid brass interior style made by and more by OX DENMARQ
Candle 4 in solid brass, interior accessories for your home
Brass ring for your candle holder to combine to candleholders
combination sticks  to combine your single candle holders
Packaging for your candle 4 candleholder interior accessories
Candle 4 is a candleholder in solid brass perfect to create hygge

Quadruple Candle

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Manufacturer: OX DENMARQ
Design: Dennis Marquart, 2016
Measure: Ø: 4cm H: 6.8cm
Material: Solid Brass
Includes: 4 x Candle holders, 8 x threaded rings, 4 x couplers

Crafted in Denmark, the Quadruple Candle holders is designed by Dennis Marquart. This design item comes detachable, ready to be put together in the combination you feel like. And if you want to change your decoration, you can always add more holders.