Lighthouse Dimmable Table Lamp
Lighthouse Dimmable Table Lamp
Lighthouse Dimmable Table Lamp

Lighthouse Dimmable Table Lamp

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Manufacturer: OX DENMARQ
Design: Dennis Marquart, 2017
Size: H: 33cm, Diameter: 15cm
Material: Solid brass, oxidized steel, sandblasted glass
Light source: 4,6W LED (included)
Mounting: Cable length 2 m
Warranty: 5 years LED lifetime guarantee
The historical importance of the lighthouse is great in many cultures, not least in the Nordics where trade and transport by sea is and has been a crucial part of daily life. A Lighthouse could mean the difference between life and death for loved ones out at sea. Nowadays, the use of the Lighthouses is limited, and Lighthouses at our shores are more seen as unique iconic buildings from another time.


Lighthouse is OX DENMARQ first lamp designed by Dennis Marquart.  We strive to create something unique and iconic – a table lamp in the spirit of the historic Lighthouses at our shores. The lamp is crafted in solid brass and oxidized steel which makes it robust and adds substantial weight. Lighthouse is installed with LED light that is reflected in sandblasted glass, which creates a beautiful and atmospheric light. Lighthouse also comes in a dimmable version.